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NFL Fantasy Football Expert Analyst Lance Goodman gives fantasy owners a quick recap of what took place at the Quarterback position last year.

Lance Goodman



1. Patrick Mahomes, KC: 580 Att, 5,097 Yds, 50 TD 
2. Andrew Luck, IND: 639 Att, 4,539 Yds, 39 TD
3. Matt Ryan, ATL: 608 Att, 4,924 Yds, 35 TD
4. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT: 675 Att, 5,129 Yds, 34 TD
5. Jared Goff, LAR: 561 Att, 4,688 Yds, 32 TD
6. Phillip Rivers, LAC: 508 Att, 4,308 Yds, 32 TD
7. Russell Wilson, SEA: 427 Att, 3,448 Yds, 35 TD
8. Drew Brees, NO: 489 Att, 3,992 Yds, 32 TD
9. Deshaun Watson, HOU: 505 Att, 4,165 Yds, 26 TD
10. Tom Brady, NE: 570 Att, 4,355 Yds, 29 TD
11. Dak Prescott, DAL: 526 Att, 3,885 Yds, 22 TD
12. Aaron Rodgers, GB: 597 Att, 4,442 Yds, 25 TD
13. Kirk Cousins, MIN: 606 Att, 4,298 Yds, 30 TD
14. Cam Newton, CAR: 471 Att, 3,395 Yds, 24 TD
15. Mitchell Tribusky, CHI: 434 Att, 3,223 Yds, 24 TD
16. Baker Mayfield, CLE: 486 Att, 3,725 Yds, 27 TD
17. Eli Manning, NYG: 576 Att, 4,299 Yds, 21 TD 
18. Derek Carr, OAK: 553 Att, 4049 Yds, 19 TD
19. Matthew Stafford, DET: 555 Att, 3,797 Yds, 21 TD
20. Carson Wentz, PHI: 401 Att, 3,074 Yds, 21 TD
Jamies Winston, TB: 378 Att, 2,992 Yds, 19 TD
Josh Allen, BUF: 2,074 Yds, 10 TD/ 631 Rush Yds, 8 TD
Andy Dalton, CIN: 365 Att, 2,566 Yds, 21 TD
Sam Darnold, NYJ: 414 Att, 2,365 Yds, 17 TD
Lamar Jackson, BAL: 1,201 Yds, 6 TD/ 695 Rush Yds, 5 TD

2018 RECAP

Patrick Mahomes (34.5 PPG)

Mahomes got off to a hot and record breaking start last season with 14 TD passes in his first 4 games and never looked back. Finished the season with 50 TD passes and was by far the most reliable gun slinger in fantasy football last year. 

Andrew Luck (26.5 PPG)

Luck got off to a slow and sluggish start in 2018, as he was still dealing with rust and tightness from off season shoulder surgery. But as the season wore on, Luck's shoulder was no longer an issue and he finished the year strong, solidifying his status as an elite performer. 

Matt Ryan (25.8 PPG) Even though Ryan finished the season with the 3rd most points scored for fantasy Quarterbacks, it surely didn't feel that way, as he flew under the radar with close to 5,000 passing yards and 35 TD passes. It may have been the fact that Atlanta wasn't winning many games or the after effects of a sub par 2017 campaign. 

Drew Brees (26.7 PPG)

The savvy veteran can still get the job done, as Brees finished 2018, 4th in points scored among fantasy Quarterbacks. But his numbers are really attributed to his fast start, as his production tailed off 

at a crucial point later in the year. 

Ben Roethlisberger (24.9 PPG)

Big Ben was able to shake off an inconsistent 2017 campaign by finishing as a Top 5 fantasy Quarterback last year. With one of the best Wide Receiver duo's at his disposal, he led the league in pass attempts and passing yards. 

Jared Goff (24.5 PPG)

With one of the most prolific offenses in the league, Goff was able to utilize all his weapons to perfection the first half of last season. But an injury to his top passing target and inconsistecy on the road led to a late season slump fantasy owners would like to forget.

Deshaun Watson (24.4 PPG)

Watson is another Quarterback who needed a little time to regain his form after going down with an ACL injury the year before. He also was forced to play without his top downfield target for half the season. Nonetheless, Watson was able to overcome those obstacles and have a very good year.

Phillip Rivers (23.9 PPG)

Rivers continued his steady play in 2018, cracking the top 10 fantasy Quarterback rankings once again. He struggled at times late last season but also could've posted stronger numbers, if he had a healthy cast of playmakers.

Russell Wilson (23.6 PPG)

Wilson was arguably the most efficient fantasy Quarterback in 2018, making the most out of his opportunities. Wilson had the least amount of pass attempts out of the Top 10 fantasy Quarterbacks by far, yet was tied for 3rd in the NFL with 35 passing TDs. 

Tom Brady (23.2 PPG)

The ageless wonder keeps churning away rounds out the list of Top 10 fantasy Quarterbacks for 2018. His production can be a bit spotty and  huge statistical games may not be as frequent but he's still a great start in the right match up and is a trusted asset for fantasy owners.

Dak Prescott (22.6 PPG)

Without a solid and consistent weapon in the passing game to begin the year, Prescott struggled out of the gate but he was able to salvage his fantasy season with his ability to run the ball and the addition of Wide Receiver Amari Cooper. 

Aaron Rodgers (21.8 PPG)

The overall numbers of 25 TD passes and only 2 INTs for an entire season look great! But for Aaron Rodgers they were a disappointment, as he failed to throw at least 30 TD passes for the first time in his last 5 complete seasons. A big reason why, is because he was inaccurate on alot of throws that have become routine for him to make throughout his career.

Kirk Cousins (20.6 PPG) 

His numbers were right on par for what they've been throughout most of his career, so fantasy owners can feel confident when drafting him. The big thing that was confirmed about him in 2018, is that he's not to be trusted against top notch defenses especially on the road until further notice. 

Cam Newton (22.8 PPG)

Newton got off to a brilliant start last season but gradually seen his production fall off, as discouragement from a losing streak and a right shoulder injury led to his untimely demise. 

Mitchell Tribusky (22.6 PPG)

Tribusky was a breakthrough performer last season in just his second year. As expected, he struggled with consistency at times but was able to tally up some big time performances, including a four week stretch in which he scored 14 total TDs. 

Baker Mayfield (20.3 PPG)

Mayfield didn't start until Week 4 and went through the normal growing pains you'd expect for any rookie Quarterback to have. Aside from that, Mayfield handled his business on the field, breaking the TD pass record for rookie Quarterbacks, which is saying an awful lot, considering he did it in 12 games.

Eli Manning (17.0 PPG)

In terms of fantasy football, Manning is now an after thought and a Quarterback who is only good for the right match up. Sure he'll pop through for a surprise big game performance here and there but for a guy who threw the ball close to 600 times, 21 TD passes is unacceptable.

Derek Carr (15.2 PPG)

His fantasy production has taken a major nose dive since he peaked back in 2015/16. To his defense, the Raiders have a losing culture, he didn't have a legit Wide Receiver to throw to last season and he's likely not too confident about his long term job security with a new Head Coach and front office. 

Matthew Stafford (14.9 PPG)

After being a guy you could count on in fantasy football for so long, it was strange seeing Stafford struggle the way he did last season with only 21 TD passes. The loss of Wide Receiver Golden Tate and injury to Wide Receiver Marvin Jones Jr. definitely played a role in his lack of success.

Carson Wentz (20.6 PPG)

Aside from rushing back too soon from an ACL/MCL injury he suffered late in the 2017 season, Wentz showed that he still has alot of upside as a fantasy Quarterback. Unfortunately, another injury cost him to miss the end of last season, making him a player who is now considered risky.

Jamies Winston (20.1 PPG)

High risk, high reward is the name of the game for Winston. For every good thing he does, a mistake seems to follow. And that holds true on and off the field. It's what keeps him from being an elite performer and will continue to do so until he cleans up his act on and off the field. 

Andy Dalton (CIN) 

Didn't make it through the entire 2018 season due to injury. Played well enough to merit fantasy consideration when he was available but is a player who fantasy owners have totally lost trust in. 

Josh Allen (BUF)

Allen showed alot of heart and toughness as a rookie last season, trying to lead a Buffalo offense that didnt have much to offer at the skill positions. It wasn't always pretty but he amassed over 2,500 total yards of offense and 18 total TDs.

Sam Darnold (NYJ) 

Darnold battled injuries and like his rookie Quarterback counter parts, battled through his share of first year struggles but showed alot of promise throwing for more than 2,800 yards with 17 TD passes.

Lamar Jackson (BAL)

After an injury to starter Joe Flacco, Jackson took over and never looked back. Throwing the football wasn't his strong suit but winning was and getting it done with his feet was the thing that came most natural. He finished with over 1,800 total yards and accounted for 11 total TDs in just 7 starts. 


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