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NFL Fantasy Football Expert Analyst Lance Goodman gives fantasy owners the inside scoop on how this years class of Quarterbacks were taken off the board during Live Drafts this past weekend.

Lance Goodman



1. Deshaun Watson, HOU 
2. Aaron Rodgers, GB (3)
3. Tom Brady, (6)
4. Cam Newton, CAR (12)
5. Jared Goff, LAR (4)
6. Kirk Cousins, MIN (10)
7. Phillip Rivers, LAC
8. Matthew Stafford, DET
9. Drew Brees, NO (11)
10. Russell Wilson, SEA (9)
11. Patrick Mahomes, KC (21)
12. Andrew Luck, IND (17)
13. Matt Ryan, ATL
14. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (5)
15. Derek Carr, OAK (16)
16. Andy Dalton, CIN (19)
17. Carson Wentz, PHI (2)
18. Jimmy Garopollo, SF
19. Jameis Winston, TB (14) (SSPD)
20. Eli Manning, NYG
21. Alex Smith, WAS (18)
22. Tyrod Taylor, CLE (24)
23. Joe Flacco, BAL (26)
24. Marcus Mariota, TEN (25)
25. Case Keenum, DEN (23)
26. Dak Prescott, DAL (27)
27. Blake Bortles, JAC (22)
28. Sam Bradford, ARI (30)
29. Ryan Tannehill, MIA
30. Mitchell Tribusky, CHI (31)


With LIVE DRAFTS in full swing, the Quarterback Rankings seen here on are holding true for the most part. Houston shot caller Deshaun Watson remains the first Quarterback taken off the board in most drafts, followed by Aaron Rodgers. From there Tom Brady and Cam Newton are in high demand and rightfully so. After that in no set order, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson are the next Quarterbacks coming off the board. Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford are currently trending as the next Quarterbacks to be selected by most owners. The only Quarterback left is Jared Goff who I have ranked #5. I didn't expect him to be the 5th Quarterback taken off the board but to see him sitting so late and to see him ranked so low on most accredited websites is a surprise, considering he may have the most explosive offense out of all the Quarterbacks ranked in the Top 10.

After the top 9 Quarterbacks listed above are gone, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck are the next set of Quarterbacks garnering owners attention, which makes alot of sense. Roethlisberger has big time play makers around him with arguably the best Running Back in the league and the best Wide Receiver over the past 3 seasons. As for Ryan, he has an excellent set of skill position players around him led by All Pro caliber Wide Receiver Julio Jones. When it comes to Andrew Luck, it's all about his health. When he's been able to make through a full season, his numbers always add up but the injury risk is there and can't be over looked. Carson Wentz is still worth a roster spot but I believe owners understand that it likely will take some time for him to get back up to real game speed and the MVP type season from a year ago is unlikely. Derek Carr is also sitting in late rounds, providing excellent value for owners who decide to hold off until later rounds to grab a Quarterback. The same holds true for Patrick Mahomes, who is going very late despite the weapons he has around him and his ability to pick up yards on the ground. Mahomes could be one of the precious gems found in late rounds and turn into one of the biggest sleepers this year. Rounding out the Top 20 is Jimmy Garopollo, Andy Dalton and Eli Manning. While Garopollo has the higher ranking, both Dalton and Manning have better talent around them by far, making Garopollo a bit risky to depend on as an every week starter right now. I do like his accuracy throwing the football but both Manning and Dalton have elite caliber play makers to help their cause.

The final set of Quarterbacks outlined here are the best options for immediate waiver wire, bye week or match up based situations. Alex Smith has a nice set of play makers around him in Washington, while Tyrod Taylor and Joe Flacco have some solid pieces to work with as well. Case Keenum is the wild card here, with Marcus Mariota on the bubble and Dak Prescott a dark horse, who only merits consideration based on his ability to score rushing touchdowns.

31. Sam Darnold, NYJ (-)
32. Nathan Peterman, BUF (-)
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