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With the Colts and Texans all but out of the division race, the Jaguars and Titans are the front runners to claim the division crown. A huge Week 17 showdown between the two teams could very well be the deciding factor.

NFL Expert Analyst
Lance Goodman

It doesn't seem like it but the Titans are 6-2 and sitting on top of the division. The offense has been in transition and battled various injuries on offense including Quarterback Marcus Mariota and Running Back Demarco Murray. The defense hasn't been overly impressive but performed well enough not to lose games. With the second half of the season ahead, the Titans are in perfect position to claim a Playoff berth.


With how dominant the Jaguars defense has been this year, it would be a complete disservice to that unit not to give them all the credit for helping Jacksonville to a 5-3 record to begin the second half of the season. Rookie Running Back Leonard Fournette has been a beast on the ground and Quarterback Blake Bortles has played well enough but the Jags will only go as far as the defense can take, which could be a long way.


It's been a year full of trial in Houston where the season began with Hurricane Irma and endured season ending injuries to it's heart and soul in Defensive Tackle J.J. Watt and it's star rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson. As much as the Texans may want to deny it, their chances at the Playoffs at this point our merely slim to none. 


Out in Indianapolis it's the same scenario that plays out in Green Bay. The hopes of making the Playoffs rest on the arm of Quarterback Andrew Luck, who will miss the season due to off-season shoulder surgery. Even with Luck there, the Colts simply don't have a strong enough roster to compete at a high level weekly. Luck gives them their best shot and without him this season, their already behind in the division and out of the Playoff hunt

  • Tennessee                           7 - 4

  • Jacksonville                           7 - 4

  • Houston                               4 - 7

  • Indianapolis                         3 - 8

Pure NFL Podcast
Week 13 - 11/30/2017
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