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NFL Fantasy Football Expert Analyst Lance Goodman takes an in depth look at the Fantasy Football landscape for the Quarterback position.


1. Tom Brady, NE

The Patriots are still a pass orientated team, so shear volume will keep Brady's numbers up and allow him to cash in on 250+ yards and 2+ TDs in most games

2. Russell Wilson, SEA

The Seahawks have no running game at all this year, so Wilson is carrying the offense through the air and using his dual threat play making ability to stack big numbers.

3. Phillip Rivers, LAC

Rivers still enjoys airing it out and has a lot of good options to distribute the ball to, which makes him a trusted option in most match ups.


4. Drew Brees, NO

The Saints signal caller is still one of the best in the business and can torch defenses when given the opportunity.


5. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT

To be honest Big Ben hasn't played bad this year, he just had a rough patch in Weeks 3-5 and hasn't posted huge numbers how we expected. Nonetheless he is still worth a start in the majority of fantasy leagues.


6. Jared Goff, LAR

With great offensive play calling, an elite Running Back, good Wide Receivers and a tough defense Goff is setup for weekly success. He can also spin it and is accurate on the deep ball.

7. Matthew Stafford, DET

Stafford has averaged 39 pass attempts per game over the last two years and as long as he continues to chuck it at the rate, the numbers will add up.


8. Kirk Cousins, WAS

Without much of a running game, Cousins passes a lot, which usually results in strong fantasy numbers weekly.

9. Case Keenum, MIN

Keenum has done everything he's needed to over the last 6 games to bully his way into the Top 10 ranks as a trust worthy starter in fantasy football.


10. Alex Smith, KC

Smith has some big time weapons in the passing game and those factors combined with his ability  to run and extend plays makes him a solid weekly start.


Fantasy Quarterback Index

11. Matt Ryan, ATL


12. Cam Newton, CAR


13. Dak Prescott, DAL


14. Jameis Winston, TB

15. Blake Bortles, JAC


16. Jimmy Garapollo, SF


17. Derek Carr, OAK


18. Marcus Mariota, TEN


19. Jay Cutler, MIA/Andy Dalton, CIN


20. Aaron Rodgers, GB*

Week 15 Favorable Match Ups

Drew Brees vs. NYJ

Cam Newton vs. GB

Blake Bortles vs. HOU

Phillip Rivers @ Kansas City

Dak Prescott @ OAK

Tom Brady @ PIT

Matt Ryan @ TB

Case Keenum vs. CIN

Week 15 Luke Warm Match Ups

Matt Stafford vs. CHI

Alex Smith vs. LAC

Russell Wilson vs. LAR

Jared Goff @ SEA

Ben Roethlisberger vs. NE

Marcus Mariota @ SF

Jimmy Garopollo vs. TEN

Derek Carr vs. DAL

Jameis Winston vs. ATL

Nick Foles vs. NYG

Week 15 Tough Match Ups

Aaron Rodgers @ CAR

Jay Cutler @ BUF

Andy Dalton @ MIN

Kirk Cousins vs. ARI

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