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Quarterback Spotlight: Aaron Rodgers, GB

We all know how great Aaron Rodgers is, can be and has been because we've seen it with our own eyes. But as he enters his 12th year as the starter in Green Bay, is he still an elite fantasy Quarterback in terms of stacking big numbers weekly? When you look at the years he threw the most Touchdowns, (2011- 45, 2012- 39, 2014- 38, 2016- 40) his Wide Receivers as a whole were much better. Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams were his targets. Last year, Cobb missed most of the season with an injury, leaving Adams as the lone trust worthy option and the result was 25 TD passes. You also have to factor in how much better Minnesota & Chicago have gotten, especially on defense. Those used to be layups for ARod and now he struggles. I do still think he can reach 30+ Touchdown passes but based on the facts just given, it's going to be more difficult to do.- August 2019

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