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Wide Receiver Spotlight: L.A. Rams

I did this same exact thing last year and I don't expect things to change, so this makes things easy for me this year, in terms of writing this tab. Here's the skinny. Kupp is returning from an ACL injury but the word from Los Angeles is that he's fully healed and ready to roll. I'm sure they'll limit his reps to begin the season as a precaution but when healthy, he's got the most value and upside. Based on the routes that he runs, by default, he's Quarterback Jared Goff's security blanket and most trusted target. Second in the pecking order is Robert Woods. He's another underneath route runner but does the majority of his damage in the intermediate passing game and sees a consistent dose of 2-3 carries per week to top things off. Last but just narrowly behind Woods, is Brandin Cooks. Cooks is the biggest vertical threat in the group and makes plays on the intermediate level as well but you get the best bang for your buck when he's hitting on the deep ball. So in theory, Kupp is going to be your most consistent player week to week with Woods and Cooks splitting the higher share of production on a week to week basis.

- August 2019

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