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NFL Fantasy Football Expert Analyst Lance Goodman breaks down the skill set and value for the best Quarterbacks who should still be available after the elite signal callers are off the board.

Preseason Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

How much better can Dallas Quarterback Dak Prescott be in 2017? As a rookie he threw for 3,667 passing yards with 23 TD passes and only 4 INTs. One season is such a short body of work but his play was so consistent, it's hard to imagine him having any serious set backs. It's very unlikely that he'll only have 4 INTs again this year but his overall Touchdown totals have plenty of room for growth, making Prescott a very attractive draft pick for fantasy owners. 




After a breakout sophmore season, Tennessee Quarterback Marcus Mariota has fantasy owners drooling at the prospects that lie ahead for the upcoming 2017 season. With the off season progress he made after his rookie year, the sky is the limit for Mariota if he can show the same progress from year 2 to year 3. With a strong Training Camp and Preseason showing, fantasy owners shouldn't be surprised to see him ranked inside the Top 5 for fantasy Quarterbacks when live drafts roll around in late August. 




What is there not to like about Oakland Quarterback Derek Carr? He's thrown 81 TD passes and only 31 INTs in his first 3 seasons. He has a talented group of Wide Receivers led by Amari Cooper and Micheal Crabtree. He also is protected by one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. As long as he is fully recovered from offseason surgery, he's a consensus Top 10 Fantasy start on most Sundays.



There is that old saying of, "you are who you are" and Eli Manning is exactly who he is, which is a Quarterback who has more ups and downs than your favorite roller coaster ride. Nobody can complain about his TD pass production as he's averaged right around 28 TD passes in 5 out of the last 6 seasons but it's the inconsistent play, untimely turnovers and inability to dominate favorable match ups that irk the hell out of fantasy owners. If he can eliminate the latter, I really like Mannings prospects this season with the addition of veteran Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall who is a great possession and red zone target.



Indianapolis Quarterback Andrew Luck has been an excellent starter in fantasy football over the last 3 years, with the exception of his injury problems that must be acknowledged after he missed most of 2015 due to injury and will be starting this season bouncing back from off season shoulder surgery. After learning the ropes in his first 2 years with averages of 23 TD passes and 14 INTs, Luck has produced at a high level in 2014 & 2016 posting averages of 4,450 passing yards and 35 TD passes. Luck is only entering his 6th season and if he can remain healthy, he's a Quaretrback fantasy owners should have complete confidence in.


Tom Brady, NE 98

Aaron Rodgers, GB 97

Matt Ryan, ATL 96

Drew Brees, NO 95

Ben Roethlisberger, 93

Dak Prescott, DAL 92

Marcus Mariota, 92

Derek Carr, OAK 91

Eli Manning, NYG 90

Andrew Luck, IND 90


Kirk Cousins, WAS 90

Jameis Winson, TB 88

Matthew Stafford, DET 88

Russell Wilson, SEA 87

Andy Dalton, CIN 87


Cam Newton, CAR 85

Phillip Rivers, L.A.C. 85

Alex Smith, KC 85

Carson Palmer, ARI 85

Tyrod Taylor, BUF 85


Jay Cutler, MIA 84

Carson Wentz, PHI 84

Blake Bortles, JAC 83

Joe Flacco, BAL 82

Sam Bradford, MIN 81

Jared Goff, LAR 76


    DEN ?

    HOU ?

    SF ?

    CHI ?

    CLE ?

    NYJ ?



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