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As a member of you get the inside track to help your Fantasy Football team win a Championship or winning tips to help you beat the point spread. Our custom-made packages cater directly to fantasy football owners and fans that bet on football games by giving them the tools and resources needed to succeed. Beginning with Fantasy Football Training Camp, up until your season ends. NFLExporter is here to provide you with expert fantasy advice for CHAMPIONS!

Member Services

  • Roster Management: Get expert help and advice on how to properly manage your roster throughout the season. This resource will help you keep a tight lineup of players who will produce and help you get a win regardless of who's on the field.

  • Waiver Wire Support: Get expert advice on what new players your team should be looking to acquire weekly. Choosing the right players off the Waiver Wire gives you a big advantage in your Fantasy League.

  • Start/Sit Advice: Get expert advice on what players you should start and sit for your weekly matchups. Knowing what players you should have in the game or on the bench could be the difference between a win or loss.

  • Trade Evaluation and Support: Get expert advice on how to properly assess and evaluate trades. Whether you it's you who has to make a move or someone else sends an offer your way. Don't get taken advantage of! There's a true art to getting what you want and a key trade could make or break your season.

  • Weekly Matchup Analysis: This key resource and tool will help you properly evaluate your weekly matchup so you know what to expect from the players on your team, as well as your opponents.

  • Player Evaluation: Get the inside scoop on injury reports, match ups, trends, data and patterns for the players on your roster to help you better prepare for your weekly matchups.

  • Advice On Demand: Have a question or need some advice right now? Use email, or direct message through social media to get your fantasy football questions answered right away.

  • Draft Strategy Support: Get expert advice and helpful tips to help you prepare and ace your upcoming Live Fantasy Football Drafts. This tool is also great for owners who play Daily Fantasy Football. 

  • Gambling Strategy Support and Advice: Get expert advice and helpful winning tips that help you have a clear overview and complete breakdown on NFL Football teams, players and games to give you the best chance at winning your football bets.

      Get the winning edge and SIGN UP TODAY! 

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