NFLExporter is a sports Media Company that covers NFL football. We are a leading source for NFL football news and updates and number one for Fantasy Football advice. Through three unique platforms we are able to fully satisfy the needs and wants of football fans worldwide. The Pure NFL Podcast is a Sports talk Show that caters to the traditional NFL fan and solely focuses on NFL Football teams. The Extra Points Fantasy Football Show is a Sports talk Show that caters to Fantasy Football owners and solely focuses on Fantasy Football. Both shows feature special guests by accredited NFL media and sources to help further provide in-depth analysis, which gives NFL fans fact based information and provides fantasy owners with expert advice to help them win a Championship. The Ultimate Football Club ATL is a live event taking place in Atlanta, GA. It gives NFL fans and fantasy football owners an opportunity to come out in person and enjoy football on another level. NFLExporter is dedicated to ensuring that our fan base and members consistently receive the best! Through the use of our podcasts, online information, real time social media interaction and live event experiences. NFL exporter is quickly becoming an industry leader that is helpful, enjoyable and easy to use! 

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